Sasha Minchenko – electromechanical generators,
live mixing, acoustic and electric feedback control

Alexey Yeliseev – bass, flute, vocalist voice live processing, drum machine

The second and last theme of Schwa have been scheduled to be Novomoskovsk, the native town of Kristina Markova. This album was re-created from scratch and archived audio pieces

Alek Petuk activities were generated using artificial intelligence tools


Antanas Jacinevicius – acoustic violin

Derric Morgan – trumpet, toy cars

Gosha Pinkishaev – synthesizers

Rada Smolyanskaya – kitchen noises, small talk

Galaktika Labrador – growling, yelping, whining

AI-generated Alek Petuk – avanchello, forest ghosts initiation

Kristina Markova – senior community manager