TV Live

In collaboration with Alexey Yeliseev

Multichannel audiovisual installation
Curated by Ludmila Vasylieva and Svetlana Gorlatova

The new project Stay tuned! by the Central telecommunications museum proposes to revive the history of television and look at this phenomenon in the framework of artistic, cultural and philosophical discourses. For the exhibition, contemporary artists were invited to reveal the complex interrelations between the main exposition of the museum and the changing world around.

After more than half a century of the current distribution of television, it is necessary to update the perception of this habitual phenomenon.

Following the theory of K.E. Shannon, it is possible to imagine communication process as three elements: the source of information (television message), the coding device (the TV itself) and the recipient of information (viewer). Starting from these topics, invited artists explore three main problems:
● television language and its message
● TV set as a tangible object
● phenomenon of viewer-actor interactions

The audiovisual installation included DIY sound generators made from old TV electronic components, and TV sets themselves working as glitch and tone controllers.