Schwa [Live at NII]


  • live at NII (nauka i iskusstvo) — afterparty festival | october, 3 2018
  • schwa (from hebrew šěwā') = the name of the neutral vowel sound represented by the symbol ә in this dictionary
  • Г5—54: sasha minchenko, alexey yeliseev
  • fretless bass ural (custom), boss dr-55, umrukhl generator, g5-54 generator, roland vt-3, boss effects: dm-3, lm-2b, ce-2b, acoustic guitar body, controlled delay and feedback chains
  • alek petuk
  • avanchello, voice intro
  • recorded, mastered and mixed by Г5—54 stronghouse
  • cover by sasha minchenko

Release info

  • 2018 digital release
  • ©Г5—54, Alek Petuk