PEELx railway session


  • yearly railroad-based open studio sessions transformed into PEELx session (unofficial john peel session, named like TEDx shows) due to heavy rain the day we planned to set it up near the savyolovskaya railroad office
  • great thanks and love to constant 9 and Sense for their dedicated tracks and emotions, and dmitry lyashenko for his 2-deck cassete recorder
  • credits
  • released August 6, 2018
  • sasha minchenko, alexey yeliseev (Г5—54) | nelly khorsun, antanas jacinevicius (CONSTANT 9) | maxim silenkov (SENSE) | all authors and performers presented at peel sessions' midi mixtape
  • recorded, mixed and mastered by Г5—54 Stronghouse
  • recording engineer — sasha minchenko
  • mastering editor — alexey yeliseev
  • cover artwork by maxim silenkov
  • ***
  • dedicated to john peel and his renowned bbc sessions

Release info

  • 2018 Digital release (FLAC 24 bit 48 kHz) + 15 microSD cards
  • by Г5—54 Stronghouse
  • Catalog number: 2018-A-037
  • Г5—54, SENSE, CONSTANT 9, authors and owners of mentioned tracks played at John Peel's sessions
  • Licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0
  • Photography ©Ilya Egorkin