• Г5—54: Sasha Minchenko, Alexey Yeliseev
  • Thanks to Sergey Katran, Sergey Pakhomov, Valery Cherkashin, Josef Ka and all who listened, supported, and helped.
  • I never thought that natural sounds of military helicopters would have such a calming effect on me. Now, when I want calm, instead of a snow-capped mountain top, I recall the night market in Erbil, the angelic faces of Iranian guest workers and the flight of American attack helicopters, slowly roaring in the starless Iraqi sky, towards the border with Syria. I understand that as soon as their machine guns and other missiles reach me, the mirage will break like tears in the rain. But how is this different from ordinary life? Everything that fascinates and entails, ultimately injures with its large caliber.
  • Text by Igor Zwetkow
  • Picture made by Siemens Somatom

Release info

  • 2019 Digital release (FLAC 24 bit 48 kHz) + 5 microSD cards
  • by Г5—54 Stronghouse
  • Catalog number: 2019-H-014
  • Licensed under
  • CC BY-NC 4.0