Privacy Policy

1. Neither Г5—54 founder nor its members gather, analyze or use any bit of data from the visitors of all online resorces dedicated to Г5—54.

2. All statistical data that can be seen on Facebook and Instagram is either de-personified (by the services provided by Meta, Inc.) or open (like subscriber lists).

3. Neither this webpage ( nor Г5—54`s webpages on Bandcamp ( and ( collect personal data from cookies or other user-related statistical services.

4. Some data collecting can definitely occur done by Google, Meta, and hell knows whom else here online. If you want to opt out, well, use the Tor browser over VPN then. We can`t help with it.

5. Follow these two important principles:

— Don`t fuck with writers, they will describe,
— Fuck you if you are bad.

6. Or buy vinyl and cassette releases and listen to them offline. Don`t forget to switch off all your gadgets, including smart TVs and robot vacuum cleaners.


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