I can see Tyoply Stan from my window (winter) (part 2)

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What we call reality is a certain relationship between those sensations and those memories that simultaneously envelop us.

Marcel Proust

A series of field recordings made with an ultrazoom PAL video camera mounted on the П-3 apartment building bordering Troparevo park, Moscow

1. Each recording session is restrained by either 16 Gb or 32 Gb memory card installed in the camera, which equals to approx. 3.6 or 7.2 hours, respectively.

2. Recordings can only stop when the memory card is full.

3. The camera has zoom microphones, which change their spatial characteristics according to the lens’ focus distance.

4. No in-frame edits, fade-ins and fade-outs are allowed.

Time & energy consumption (camera + post-production):

16 Gb: 3.6 hours (rec) + 4 hours (post) || 2 kilowatts per session
32 Gb: 7.2 hours (rec) + 8 hours (post) || 4 kilowatts per session